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Significance of the Fellow and Associate Designations and the GJ/OARS Credential

Open Association of Research Society, U.S.A (OARS) By-laws states that a Fellow or Associate Member may use the designations as applicable, or the corresponding initials. The Credentials of Fellow and Associate designations signify that the individual has gained knowledge of the fundamental concepts. He/She is magnanimous & proficient in an expertise course covering the professional code of conduct, and follows recognized standards of practice.

Open Association of Research Society (US)/Global Journals Inc. , as described in Corporate Statements, are educational, research publishing and professional membership organizations. Achieving our Fellow or Associate status is based mainly on meeting stated educational research requirements.

The Fellow and Associate designations accredited by Open Association of Research Society (US )credentials signify guarantees following entitlements:

  • The professional accredited with FARSS honor, is entitled to various benefits viz. name,fame, honor, regular flow of income, secured bright future, social status etc.
  • *In addition to above, if he/she is single author,he/she is entitled to 30% discount on publishing his/her research paper and he/she can get 10% discount if he/she is co-author or main author among group of authors.
  • This individual is proficient in an expertise course covering the professional code of conduct and the importance of devotion to recognized standards of practice.
  • The Fellow can organize symposium/seminar/conference on behalf of Global Journals Inc. and he/she can also attend the same organized by other institutes on behalf of Global Journals Inc.
  • The Fellow can become member of Editorial Board Member after completing 3 years.
  • The Fellow can earn 60% of sales proceeds from the sale of reference/review books/literature/publishing of research paper.
  • He/She can also join as paid peer reviewer and earn 15% remuneration of author charges and can also get an opportunity to join as member of the Editorial Board of Global Journals Inc
  • This individual has learned the basic methods of applying those concepts and techniques to common challenging situations.This individual has further demonstrated an in–depth understanding of the application of suitable techniques to a particular area of research practice.

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