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Global Journal of Science Frontier Research (GJSFR): (D) Agriculture & Veterinary is an international journal for publishing natural science research papers. It aims to encourage and provide international publication to researchers, scientists and professors of natural science. We welcome original researches, surveys and review of papers of all the streams of natural science from all over the world. The GJSFR comprises comprehensive frontier trends of Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Bio-tech, Geology, Military Science, Environment and all Interdisciplinary & Frontier Subjects etc. Journal of Physics, Journal of Chemistry etc. are belonging to GJSFR.

Global Journal of Science Frontier Research

Since 2001, Global Journal of Science Frontier Research (GJSFR): (D) Agriculture & Veterinary, has been an academic open access, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, refereed journal focusing on all aspects of Engineering Research published by Global Journals, which is one of the fastest growing and leading Research Journal publishing organization in the world. The GJSFR is superintended and sponsored by Non Profit making Open Association of Research Society USA (OARS). The OARS has been esteemed internationally since 1964, aiming to highlight the research of frontiers and enhance research & development.


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GJSFR-D Volume 17

ISSN Numbers:
Online: 2249-4626
Print: 0975-5896
Print Estd.: 2001
Forthcoming Vol.: 18
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Recent Articles Published in GJSFR-D

Micro-Satellite DNA Markers Associated with Resistance to Trembling Disease in Chinese Mitten Crab (Ericheirsinensis)

A total of 48 individuals of the Chinese mitten crab (Eriocheir sinensis)were used to study the association between micro-satellite DNA markers and their resistance to the trembling disease. The crabs used in this study were collected from an aquatic breeding farm in Yandu District, Yancheng city, Jiangsu Province in China. Twenty four of the crabs...

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Shades of Shade: Determinants of Conservation Practices in Coffee Plantations for Ecosystem Services Provision in Puerto Rico, a Preliminary Analysis

Ecosystems provide society with a wide range of services—from reliable flows of clean water to productive soil, carbon sequestration and biodiversity conservation among many others. However, private landowners typically lack the incentive to manage their land to provide ecosystem services because many of these benefits accrue to third partie...

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Effect of Agricultural Credit Advanced by Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited (ZTBL) on Crop Production in District Peshawar

Pakistan’s economy is agrarian in nature and character. Agricultural sector is the main source of income for majority of population in the country. Subsistence kind of cultivation hardly allows the farmers to use high quality seeds, sufficient amount of fertilizers and other improved farm techniques. Small farmers are generally characterized...

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Technical Efficiency of Ecologically Engineered Rice Production in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam: Application of SFA

An overuse of agro-chemicals in rice production has caused serious problems on biodiversity loss, water pollution, public health impacts and yield losses. Recently, the outbreaks of brown-plant hoppers was a great matter of concern. To deal with these issues, the use of ecological engineering was introduced in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam since 2009...

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Nutrient Availability and Maize Growth in Soil Amended with Mineral Fertilizer and Pressmud Biocompost

This study was carried out to conform the Nutrient availability and maize growth in soil amended with mineral fertilizer and biocompost. Biocompost is prepared from sugarcane filtercake and other waste material of sugarmills. The biocompost samples were collected from Sugar Mill, Matiari and analyzed for macro nutrients. The pot experiment was cond...

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