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Introduction & Purpose
Section F, Electrical & Electronic of Global Journals of Research in Engineering welcomes original research papers and articles on traditional and emerging domains of engineering. It is a double-blind, peer reviewed, international journal encouraging studies in fields but not limited to mechanical and automotive engineering, aerospace, robotics, civil engineering and chemical science. 


Foundation of modern society and human race relies greatly on engineering and its applications. This journal aims to bridge the gap between different aspects of the industry and engineering concepts. Engineering being a vast field, the journal publishes interdisciplinary collaboration between fields. Special editions of this journal may contain observational studies, whitepapers, reports, accepted industry standards and thesis.  

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Rigorous and double blind peer review workflow and process.
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Global Journals Incorporated is Delaware, USA based and internationally well-established organization which is governed by ISO certified groups and accredited by the non-profit societies. Since more than a decade, thousands of universities and authors from 153 countries acknowledged and published with us.
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Commitment to Excellence

Our inviolable and mandatory practice of thorough peer review at the heart of our scholarly publishing is to ensure that only good science is published in our refereed journal.

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Journal is indexed/ being indexed by near about all the relevant indexing organizations with world-class standards for journal assessment to match the requirements of top universities and institutions.
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Global Journal of Research in Engineering

Since 2001, Global Journal of Research in Engineering (GJRE): (F) Automotive Engineering, has been an academic open access, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, refereed journal focusing on all aspects of Engineering Research published by Global Journals, which is one of the fastest growing and leading Research Journal publishing organization in the world. The GJRE is superintended and sponsored by Non Profit making Open Association of Research Society USA (OARS). The OARS has been esteemed internationally since 1964, aiming to highlight the research of frontiers and enhance research & development.



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Type of License Creative Commons
Open Access Yes
Does the author retain unrestricted copyright? Yes
Does the author retain publishing rights? Yes
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GJRE-E Volume 17 Issue 1
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Journal Specification

GJRE-F Volume 17


ISSN Online 2249-4596
ISSN Print 0975-5861
Print Estd. 2001
DOI 10.17406/gjre
Publishing Frequency Monthly
Society Accreditation Yes

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Citations 1684 1637
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i10-index 38 34


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Recent Articles Published in GJRE-F

Low Probability of Intercept Triangular Modulated Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Signal Characterization Comparison using the Spectrogram and the Scalogram

Digital intercept receivers are currently moving away from Fourier-based analysis and towards classical timefrequency analysis techniques for the purpose of analyzing low probability of intercept radar signals. This paper presents the novel approach of characterizing low probability of intercept frequency modulated continuous wave radar signals thr...

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Modeling and Mitigation on Conducted Emission for Switch Mode Power Supply

The switch mode power supply (SMPS) have been widely used in the electrical and electronics systems for AC-DC and DC-DC power conversion, which can generate a lot of electromagnetic interference (EMI), especially conducted emission (CE) from 9kHz to 30MHz. The traditional CE models and mechanisms have been present for three line systems, including ...

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Simulation based Characterization of the Transport Channel Parameters of Pentacene Thin Film Transistor: Effect of Gate Insulator Thickness and Gate Electrode Work Functio

In this paper we have presented the simulation and analysis of the channel field, potential, mobility, hole concentration, and the threshold voltage of pentacene thin film transistor with gate metal work function and gate insulator thickness. The top contact transistor from pentacene active material, paryelene dielectric and gold source/drain elect...

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Barriers and Opportunities for Residential Solar PV and Storage Markets – A Western Australian Case Study

Residents and businesses around the world are increasingly installing solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and battery storage systems, satisfying not just their interest in clean energy, but also taking advantage of reduced technology costs and mitigating against future electricity price rises. Solar PV panels coupled with storage systems present an opp...

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Selecting and Redesigning Distribution Feeders for CVR Benefits

Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) is employed for peak load reduction and energy savings by electric utilities. Selecting feeders where the most benefit is realized from CVR is of interest. In the work here the theoretical CVR performance of over 1000 distribution feeders is evaluated based on circuit models and available load data. The feeders ...

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Articles under Press


Numerical Simulation of Forced Convection through Metallic Foam (HVAC Heating Coil Application)

The hydraulic and thermal performance of a porous medium generating of heat, considered as a HVAC heating coil, has been established using a numerical simulation. The used metallic foam is made from Copper and Aluminum with a porosity of 0.93. The channel has a rectangular shape with an establishment length equal to 5 times of the height. The therm...

Dynamic Fracture Process during Three-Point- Bending Impact on Polymethyl-Methacrylate Beams

Dynamic fracture process in polymethyl-methacrylate (PMMA) beams have been investigated during the three-point- bending impact tests at different imapct velocites, conducted in a drop-weight impact tower instrument. The impact-induced crack initiation and propagation have been recorded with a high- speed camera, to determine the instantaneous fract...

Experimental Evaluation of Influence of Air Injection Rate on a Novel Single Slope Solar Still Integrated with an Air Compressor

In this paper, experimental evaluation and mathematical modeling of single slope hybrid solar still integrated with an air compressor at a different air injection rate within water basin. A compressor unit is used to inject air with different flow rate viz. 0.01, 0.03, 0.05 and 0.06 Kg/s in sea water within the basin area of hybrid solar still. Com...

The Influence of the Initial Technological Residual Stresses on the Bearing Capacity of Crankshafts Boosted Diesels when Plastic Deformation

The exact manufacturing techniques of cranked shaft from stamped preparations at size provide indemnification of influence of the layer not strengthened without carbon from the differentiated water stream of processing, that, in turn, demand research of influence of initial technological residual pressure on the basic loading of the strengthened cr...

Modeling of Stressed State Crankshaft of Boosted Diesels

The high alternating dynamic loads on the crank mechanism set for diesels challenge improve operational reliability connecting rods and crankshafts, which can not be solved without a large complex of scientific research. As the experience of JSC «Volzhsky diesel them. Mama's "study the stress state of the connecting rods in a factory benc...

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