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Global Journal of Medical Research: (G) Veterinary Science and Veterinary Medicine is an international journal for publishing medical research papers. It aims to encourage and provide international publication to researchers, doctors, scientists and professors of medical research. We welcome original research, articles, surveys, review papers of all the streams of medical research from all over the world.

Global Journal of Medical Research (GJMR)

Since 2001, Global Journal of Medical Research (GJMR): (G) Veterinary Science and Veterinary Medicine, has been an academic open access, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, refereed journal focusing on all aspects of Medical Research published by Global Journals, which is one of the fastest growing and leading Research Journal publishing organization in the world. The GJMR is superintended and sponsored by Non Profit making Open Association of Research Society USA (OARS). The OARS has been esteemed internationally since 1964, aiming to highlight the research of frontiers and enhance research & development.


GJMR-G Volume 17

ISSN Numbers:
Online: 2249-4618
Print: 0975-5888
Print Estd.: 2001
Forthcoming Vol.: 18
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Recent Articles Published in GJMR-G

Prognostic Indicators in Dogs with Renal Failure Managed by Hemodialysis: Application of Segev Models and New Clinical Features

We had evaluated Segev models A, B and C (Segev et al. 2008) in predicting outcome in a cohort of dogs with acute kidney injury (AKI) managed by hemodialysis, and the ability of clinical variables to affect these patients’ outcome. We had included 41 dogs, managed by intermittent hemodialysis, with anamnestic, clinical, imaging and laborator...

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Immunogenicity of Testicular and Epididymal Spermatozoa

Problem: The sequential changes in the immunogenicity of spermatozoa in male reproductive tract and the effect of seminal vesicle secretions are long thought to act as central players in influencing immunological equilibrium in the male reproductive tract. Method of Study: Popliteal lymph nodes of mice were collected on the 8th day after sensitizin...

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Increased TNF serum levels are related to highly aggressive behavior in male Swiss Webster mice

Since the 1960s, mouse behavior has been systematically studied in the laboratory environment; however, there is still no consensus regarding the causes of aggression in laboratory animals. The involvement of the immune response in aggressive animal behavior has not been well elucidated. Different studies have found that the levels of interferon al...

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