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We follow superior standards for journal assessment
We have our own, innovative editorial and production process and standards
Our double-blind peer review process is rigorous and fast (RAAR with 50+ exclusive aspects). Moreover, our executives and full-time peer reviewers make sure that your research is in safe hands.
Submission of your research paper through an unencrypted website leaves your work vulnerable to malicious users. We use a very secure and foolproof system that consists of licensed, 2048-bit key and 256 bit SSL enabled web pages for secure submission of your research work. We suggest that you check for the "Lock" sign before you submit your research to any publisher in the world. This will safeguard you from hackers.

Our Goal is to add more value to your paper by offering services and proficiency that are unique to us.
We offer improved visibility for your paper through our large society of esteemed peers.
Our authors enjoy significant benefits such as lifelong research collaborationand free customer support before, during, and after publication.
For the past decade, Global Journals Inc. has become synonymous with brilliance in publishing
You can also take advantage of a strong research community with Global Journals Inc.'s exclusive database. It features millions of scientists, professors, and researchers along with their email addresses and research backgrounds.
Global Journals Inc. fosters outstanding working relationships with researchers and experts during the entire publication process. We also provide assistance in finding the right community for you through our broad range of contacts and subject areas.
As a researcher, you can get involved in Global Journals Inc.'s Discussion Board and Community Initiatives to enable simple access to the latest scientific developments and to add your community profile.
Sophisticated format and typesetting of journals
Fast Web servers based on green technology and an eco-friendly publishing process
Indexed open accessible content
Publication enhances your career. Papers published by Global Journals Inc. are an essential part of your resume, and play a fundamental role in determining your status in the research community.
We use revolutionary technologies, innovative formats and top-notch editing to provide advanced yet understandable information for researchers in the community and the private sector, educators, government agencies, clinicians and the public.
It is completely optional to submit a paper in our format. i.e. you may submit your paper in any format Formatting jobs will be conducted by our expert executives.
Global Journals Inc.has a close association with the research community. By working with scientists and researchers, understanding what they say and always placing emphasis on quality, Global Journals Inc. is the leader in pioneering solutions to the information requirements of the scientific community.
Strict double-blind peer reviewing- full-time, paid peer reviewers ensure superior quality content.
An 11x17-inch glossy 300 GSM laminated and chemically processed Certificate of Publication can be ordered in just USD22.
Hardcopy can also be ordered by DHL or UPS on request.
3D virtual online journal, advanced PDFs and PS available
OJS Websites also available
Our advanced online platform enables authors to view the current status of submitted manuscripts and track dispatched journals even without username and password
Movies, sound files, slide shows  and other files inappropriate for the print format can also be published as supplementary information accompanying the online version of the paper.
Multicoloured Print journal on 110 GSM paper with oil coating and Matt-laminated Cover page on 300 GSM Photo paper is employed.
Last but not least, we serve the research society for a noble cause and do not place emphasis on making a profit and hence have kept our charges very low and easily affordable to anyone of an economically-backward community

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