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  • Q: How to complaint against Plagiarism?

    A: As you might already know, Global Journals Inc. (US) is very strict action against Plagiarism. We can take strict

  • Q: What is duration of Fellow?

    A: Designation is a lifetime Honor. But discounts and other facilities will only be available for 5 years. After that

  • Q: What are major advantages of becoming a Fellow?

    A: Fellows are having number of advantages. Details are available in related submenu. Honorable Fellow shall be awarded by Title

  • Q: How many categories of Fellows? Are they different for different Journals?

    A: There are two categories. One is Fellow and another Associate. They are different for different journals.

  • Q: How do I get a eJournal (pdf Version) / electronic Version?

  • Q: Can I read journal freely whole life?

    A: Yes by becoming Fellow or Associate of Journal you can read open and closed access (paid ones) articles online.

  • Q: Can I read other issues?

    A: To read other issues you can subscribe to our journals.

  • Q: How can I update my final paper information?

    A: You cannot update your Manuscript after acceptance, but you can certainly update your manuscript when chance is provided from

  • Q: I'd like to have some or all of the figures in my paper in color.

    A: Authors can use colored pictures as all Journals are colored. In B/W journal, we will convert those images into

  • Q: How can I read my published paper?

    A: You can search for your paper in our Library. More details about link of your journal will be sent

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