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Global Journals Inc. is an internationally renowned U.S.A. based academy affiliated to OPEN ASSOCIATION OF RESEARCH SOCIETY [US], aimed to encourage genuine researchers across country lines to exhibit talent by spreading their valuable research explorations to entire research community across globe and to enhance global research and development. It primarily renders its services in the field of education and research.


Information Provider

Global Journals Inc. (US) acts as a ‘Knowledge Bank’ which provides worldwide trustworthy research information incorporating all major research fields like Science (Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, etc.), Social Sciences, Engineering, Information Technology, Management, etc. to entire research community and helps them in updating themselves with latest research exploration.

Authoritative Publisher

Our organization is an authoritative publisher of high quality research content pertaining to all knowledge fields under the guidelines of Open Association of Research Society-US [a nonprofit earning institution] which enables the end user to find unmatched quality content and research analysis.


This organization invites all genuine and magnanimous quality conscious researchers who wish to excel in their career by contributing their valuable research exploration to the field of research by meticulous peer reviewing. Editing the work with all possible editing sources for unmatched authenticity places it at a global research platform, freely accessible to all.


Our journals are most popular and preferred by entire research community due to its trustworthiness. Its users can make use of all the research information which is globally available in the form of journals in their day-to-day interactions in the fields of sciences, social sciences, engineering and management Users finally finds gainful invaluable insight in their respective domains.


We have a team of qualified experts with rigid quality control parameters. We are strongly committed towards publishing and spreading world class reliable research information and material which enables all end users to take perfect research decisions, enhance their knowledge and improve their overall research performance and outcomes.


Global Journals Inc. processes all genuine and innovative material received through exhaustive and rigid quality control parameters which includes research editing process of peer review, peer review, editing, expert editing, publishing, distribution and copyrighting which is combined with a relentless pursuit of process innovation and publication. All our processes are foolproof and well secured.



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