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Global Journal of Management and Business Research -A:Administration and Management

  •     International Business Administration
  •     Business Administration
  •     Personnel Management
  •     New Firms and Startups
  •     Corporate Culture
  •     IT Management
  •     Production Management
  •     Small Business Management
  •     Business Information Management
  •     Business Information Systems (BIS)
  •     Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  •     Corporate Governance and Stakeholder Engagement
  •     Entrepreneurship
  •     Human Resources Management
  •     Industrial Relations
  •     Innovation and Technology Management
  •     Organisation and Management Theory
  •     Organisational Planning and Management
  •     Quality Management
  •     Organisational Behaviour

Global Journal of Management and Business Research-B:Economics and Commerce

  •     Role of Economics
  •     Role of Economists
  •     Market for Economists
  •     Microeconomics (Incl. Production and Organizations)
  •     Macroeconomics
  •     Financial Economics
  •     Econometrics
  •     Quantitative and Mathematical Studies
  •     History of Economics
  •     Econometric Modeling
  •     Exchange and Production Economies
  •     Welfare Economics
  •     Policy Objectives
  •     Policy Designs
  •     Policy Coordination /li>
  •     Fiscal Policy
  •     Incomes Policy and Price Policy
  •     International Economics
  •     Demand and Supply of Labor
  •     Business Economics
  •     Economic Systems
  •     Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics
  •     Environmental and Ecological Economics
  •     Rural Economies
  •     Cultural Economics
  •     Economic Sociology
  •     Economic Anthropology

Global Journal of Management and Business Research -C:Finance

  •     Financial Markets
  •     Public Finance
  •     International Finance
  •     Finance Forecasting and Simulation
  •     Financial Crises
  •     Financial Institutions and Services
  •     Corporate Finance and Governance
  •     Educational Finance
  •     Banking, Finance and Investment
  •     Finance Services

Global Journal of Management and Business Research -D:Accounting and Auditing

  •     Accounting
  •     Government Policy and Regulation
  •     Management Accounting
  •     Sustainability Accounting and Reporting
  •     Taxation Accounting
  •     International Accounting
  •     Auditing and Accountability
  •     Accounting Theory and Standards
  •     Financial Accounting

Global Journal of Management and Business Research -E:Marketing

  •     Marketing Theory
  •     Marketing Research Methodology
  •     Marketing Measurement
  •     Marketing Management (incl. Strategy and Customer Relations)
  •     Marketing Communications
  •     Pricing (incl. Consumer Value Estimation)
  •     Advertising effectiveness, Sales Promotion

Global Journal of Management and Business Research -F:Real estate, Event and Tourism Management

  •     Housing Supply and Markets
  •     Other Production and Pricing Analysis
  •     Input Demand Analysis
  •     Nonagricultural and Nonresidential Real Estate Markets
  •     Government Policy; Regulatory Policy
  •     Principles of Event Management
  •     Event Planning & Team Management
  •     Feasibility of Event
  •     Event Planning & Team Management
  •     Protocols, Dress codes, staging, staffing
  •     Nature of Marketing, Process of marketing
  •     Sponsorship
  •     Image, Branding, Advertising
  •     Publicity and Public relations
  •     Leadership skills
  •     Security and Occupational safety of Events
  •     Crowed management
  •     Budget, Break Even Point, Cash Flow Analysis In Events
  •     Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet of Events
  •     PanicPayments, Financial Control System of Events
  •     Event Production & Logistics
  •     Event Laws & Licenses
  •     Code Of Ethics, Professional Association
  •     Concept,  Theme,  Fabrication,  Light & Sound,  Perception And Attribution,  Behavioral Decision Making,  Participating     Decision Making.
  •     Event Life Cycle
  •     Dispute Resolution And Grievances Management
  •     Impacts of Tourism
  •     Tourism Forecasting
  •     Tourism Management
  •     Tourism Marketing
  •     Tourism Resource Appraisal
  •     Tourist BehaviourAnd Visitor Experience
  •     Tourism Planning & Development
  •     Economic & Social Significance Of Tourism
  •     Automation In The Hospitality Industry
  •     Tour Packaging Management
  •     Approaches To Stress Management

Global Journal of Management and Business Research -G:Interdisciplinary

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