Research analysis of Aswan high dam reservoir catchment zone 
Agriculture, Energy source, Cyber network station



The Resham road was the main source of trading. Nowadays the trading is shifting towards e-marketing and rapidly becoming a major economic gateway of the country.

The reservoir and expected canals are the major sources of agriculture. There is a great possibility of development via possible linking with the Red Sea.

North part of Nubian desert will be proved a major source of Solar Forms a Wind Forms. A proper exploring of a desert, research evaluation, survey and analysis of the theme are required.

Probable date: March 2018 Phase I (Organizer Board Meeting)
Nov. 2018 Phase II (Conference commence)
Venue: Aswan University/Regional office of the Egyptian Environmental Affair Agency.

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Prof. Dr. H.H.M. Darweesh
Building Materials Department
National Research Centre
Cairo, Egypt

Dr. Irena Springuel (Ret.),
Wadi Allaqi Research Project,
Unit of Environmental Studies and Development (UESD), 
South Valley University, Aswan, Egypt

Suyash Dixit, B.E.
CTO, Global Journals India.

Magdi M. Ali
Dean of the Faculty of Fish & Fisheries Technology, and Head of Department of
Aquatic Ecology, Aswan UniversityProf. Asmaa Abubakr Mahmoud Azzazy, 

Dr. Amr Mohammed Sadek,

National Institute of Standards, Giza, Egypt

Dr. Hamdy Ali Hamdy Abo-Taleb
Zoology Department, Faculty of Science, Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt

Dr. Mohmoud M. S. Farrag
Department of Ecology of Fishes
Fac. Science Al-Azhar University
Assiut, Egypt

Dr. Mohamed Moawed
National Institute of Oceanography,
Alexandria Egypt

Dr. Swapnil Garg,
Indian Institute of Management,

Dr. Hari Hablani
Centre of Astronomy
Indian Institute of Technology, India

Dr. Enrico Tubaldi,
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, 
The United Kingdom

Dr. Dany R. Dombou T.,
The University of Dschang, 

Dr. Aattache Amel,
The University of Science and Technology Mohamed Boudiaf Oran, 

Dr. R. K. Dixit, 
Professor and Head, Govt. NSP College, 
DAVV University, India

Dr. Hussein El-Naggar
Lecturer in marine and fish biology department, 
faculty of science,
Al-Azhar University

Dr. Mohamed Ashour
Invertebrates Aquaculture Lab., Aquaculture Department,
National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (NIOF), Alexandria Branch, Egypt

Mohamed M M El-feky
Aquatic Ecology, National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (NIOF), Alexandria, Egypt

Dr .Ahmed Ibrahim Hasaballah,
Assistant Professor at Zoology Deptartment, Faculty of Science, 
Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt

Dr. Amr Zeina
Lecturer of marine Invertebrates 
Marine Biology Section-Zoology Department-Faculty of Science
Al-Azhar University
Nasr City - Cairo


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