Introducing the Concept of the Experience-Based Capital of Physical Exercise (ECPE)

Dr. Ari Kunnari, Kaarina Mu00c3u00a4u00c3u00a4ttu00c3u00a4, Satu Uusiautti

Volume 13 Issue 2

Global Journal of Human-Social Science

In his theory about capital types, Bourdieu divided capital into cultural capital, economic capital, and social capital. One of the forms of cultural capital is the embodied state that manifests itself as internalized cultural skills, abilities and aptitudes, and is strongly connected to an individual person’s habitus. The purpose of this article is to study experiences of physical exercise. Can these experiences be regarded as capital? The article aims at introducing a theoretical framework for experiences of physical exercise that we call the experience-based capital of physical exercise (ECPE). This capital type is considered a part of cultural capital. The idea is that if physical exercise is considered capital, the world of the experiences of physical exercise can be analyzed in a varied manner. The concept of ECPE gives an opportunity to do and provide physical exercise as diversely as possible by having exercise experiences as the starting point. Therefore, the concept can be used for health-promotion purposes.