Work Environment Noise Levels and Risk Locations in Two Selected Commercial Areas in Ibadan, Nigeria

Yesufu Alegbema Luqman, Ana Godson Rowland, Yawei Zhang, Umar Olufunke Zainab

Volume 13 Issue 6

Global Journal of Medical Research

Introduction: The increasing use of electric generators in small scale businesses is predicated on the erratic and inadequate power supply in Nigeria. We assessed the work environment noise levels and developed a risk map for noise in two commercial locations Methods: Noise levels in A-weighted decibels (dBA) were measured over 12 weeks in 3 months at three times of the day (8am-10am, 11am-1pm and 3pm-6pm) using a calibrated sound level meter approximately 5 meters from sources. A geographical positioning system (GPS) was used to determine the coordinates of sampling points. Risk areas were defined thus; High risk [80-90 dB (A)], medium risk [70-80 dB (A)] and low risk [60-70 dB (A)] respectively. Results: The highest mean noise levels in Agbowo (93.7 dB) and Ajibode (90.3 dB) was obtained around 11am-1pm on Wednesday and Saturday respectively. In Agbowo; Enclosed location had the highest mean noise level (98.7dBA) as compared to road side location in Ajibode (81.7dBA). High risk areas were represented by enclosed and road side locations in Agbowo and Ajibode and were higher than the WHO guideline limit (65-70 dBA). Conclusion: Public enlightment on use of ear plugs and ear muffs while working in this commercial areas is advocated.