Estimation of age for Sudanese adults using Orthopantomographs

Caroline Edward Ayad, Hiba Mahgoub Hamid, Elsafi Ahmed Abdalla, Samih Awad Kajoak

Volume 14 Issue 1

Global Journal of Medical Research

Background: Radiology plays an important role in human age determination. Radiological images are utilized in the process of age estimation. Objectives: The aim of this study was to determine the usefulness of Orthopantomgraphs (OPGs) in the assessment of the Sudanese adult age compared to chronological age. Materials and Methods: The study was obtained in Mursi Medical Center from the period of January to August 2011. The OPGs of 99 Sudanese individuals of both gender (49male and50 female) with known chronological age, ranging from 15 to 30 years, were selected .The pulp –root length ,root length, pulp/root ratio , total tooth length ,crown length of the mandibular canine were measured in mm and the estimated age was recorded using the mandibuler canine measuremen ts. Patients were classified into three groups ,A was of age <20 years old ,B was of 20 to 27 and C was of age >27. Results: the estimated age in A and C groups were well correlated with the chronological age in both genders and no significant difference was detected, but in B group there is a significant difference between the estimated and chronological age and between males and females measurements. Mandibular canine measurements can be used significantly in ages < 20and > 27, but cannot give the exact age for ages between 20 to 27 for Sudanese adult subjects.