Stimulating Attendees’ Leisure Experience at Music Festivals:

June Calvo-Soraluze, Ana Vinals Blanco

Volume 14 Issue 2

Global Journal of Management and Business

Anumber of important qualitative changes in demand have taken place in recent years, such as the rise in education, income and status levels in the market (Richards 2007). This means that the public’s general knowledge is increasing, making them become more demanding and better informed. This change, along with greater interest in experiences (Monteagudo 2008) and creativity and the growing presence of technology, social media and digital platforms (Bryce 2001; Castells 2001, 2005; Gere 2002; Lévy 2007; Qualman 2009; Nimrod and Adoni, 2012; Fernandez 2013) is forcing many industries to shiftfrom the traditional management model to a new one where the main actor is the audience and what they feel, with the offer focusing on facilitating memorable experiences (Pine and Gilmore 1999; Monteagudo 2008) rather than merely selling information or services.