Role of Eden Park Ecotourism100 Local Economic Developmenting the District Lumban Julu Indonesia

Sarintan Efratani Damanik

Volume 15 Issue 2

Global Journal of Management and Business

The ecotourism of Taman Eden 100 Lumban Julu Indonesia is the conservation area that is used by the stakeholder and also join to keep the consistency of nature in the area of the conservation. It has the nature potency like flora, fauna, and its nature has its own beauty to be very potensial to explore. The analysis of the net balance can be stated that the location conformity with the tourism activity value very positive feedback which amounted to 82.40% of respondents received positive support from respondents, however 11:28% of respondents have also stated to bad doubt. The existence of the object of ecotourism Garden of Eden 100 to be accepted by society as a customs received positive support from respondents of 74.43%, but 25.12% of respondents there is also undecided. The climate of the Taman eden in rainy day have an effect to the coming of the people there, but the location of Taman Eden100 is strategic enough and has positiveres ponds. The ecotourism of Taman Eden hasn’t taken a part yet in the development of the economy of local society there.