The Day a Woman Can Walk Freely on the Roads, That Day we Can Say that India Achieved Independence: Lessons to be Learned from Mahatma Gandhis Saying

Alemnew Gebeyehu Dessie

Volume 15 Issue 10

Global Journal of Human-Social Science

Nowadays, each and every state person, state, and other stakeholders in every country run to add something useful to its country. And in the twenty century an abrupt activity was fight for independence. Among the many India is the one. In such struggle, the mere dream/whim of freeing mother/father land from colonial and other kind of dominations was common in the world. By the time such fighters have already forgotten, and/or gave less emphasis to domestic issues though usually this action is not deliberate and well contemplated. Among the multifarious domestic issues the one and the most sensitizing was independence of women. And this kind of independence is the foundation and an indispensable tool to erect the nation/countrywide independence. Having disregarded such ideal means to change ones country to a better place someday, many has sustained failures and their struggle become full of ups and downs. Peculiar to such fighters, Mahatma Gandhi had devised a comprehensive stand for independence. And that was participating women in the struggle and to declare their independence them from their oppressions/dominations simultaneously. Even though this was a great deed and achievement, it has a paramount significance to keep and protect the already built up independence of a nation. This is not to make those who mistaken to regret, but to reshuffle/compensate their past wrongs now. Rather this paper is aimed at pinpoint/insight what is independence comparatively with Indian independence in a comprehensive manner, and to construct a comprehensively understandable concept of Independence/independence globally.