Happy Hysterectomy? Quality of Life after in Rural Women of Central India

Dr. Deepti Shrivasatva, Dr. Priyakshi Chaudhry

Volume 15 Issue 3

Global Journal of Medical Research

Hysterectomy Is One Of The Most Common Gynaecological Operation PerformedGlobally With An Incidence Of Approximately 30% In Women >60 Yrs. Of Age. StudiesHave Shown That Most Women Received Hysterectomy Due To DisablingSymptoms Such As Menstrual Pain, Menorrhagia, Unexplained Uterine Bleeding And ChronicPelvic Pain Related With Non-Malignant Pathologies Like Simple Endometrial Hyperplasia,Fibroid, Prolapse. There Are So Many Management Modalities To Cure These Symptoms, AsThese Have An Adverse Effect On A Woman’s Quality Of Life. Most Women Reported AReduction In Physical Symptoms And Pain And An Increase In Health Perceptions AfterHysterectomy. 2But In Rural Set Up Hysterectomy Is Still A Treatment Of Choice Even For AllThese Benign Pathologies.In This Study We Tried To Assess Qol After Hysterectomy For TheseConditions.