Sustainable Tourism Supply Chain Management for Tourism Industry in Bangladesh

Biplab Roy, Al Mamun, Bapon Chandra Kuri

Volume 15 Issue 2

Global Journal of Management and Business

God has garnished our land with sublime attractions and blessed us with in-born hospitality. So, Tourism is truly expected to flourish in Bangladesh but due to the lack of proper planning and strategies from the policy making levels, information sharing mismanagement and tourism stakeholders below standard performances have yet created a messy tourism industry. This study wants to find out the current scenario of STSCM in Bangladesh as well as how to develop STSCM for tourism industry in Bangladesh supported by a contingency approach if something goes wrong in STSCM and also if anything creates obstacle in the STSCM from outside. Our tourism industry is yet in its early days, so if we encapsulate all the components of tourism supply chain, it will add value to tourists and tourism businesses. The result of the study is vital for NTO and the Tourism Stakeholders to understand the framework and execution process of STSCM. In fine, Tourism authorities will find the study relevant and a platform which are the today’s demand for the tourism industry of Bangladesh.