Commissioning Religious Heritage Value, Through Tourism: Route of the Holy Grail in Valencia

Ana Mafe Garcia, Alejandra Castillo

Volume 16 Issue 1

Global Journal of Management and Business

The reality of the events that happen in Europe in the lathe to the Holy Grail, his quest and the enhancement of the religious heritage resources - both paintings, and churches and relics - show that, increasingly a more numerous group of non-believers want to know that other heritage reality. It is a fact that the Holy Grail admits different readings. This text aims to situate ourselves in the classical Greece and the dawn of the first century of Rome to discover those texts that already named kraters and sacred vessels. Where the metaphor was, to see them as the true force that has to guide human beings towards improved continuously. We only proposed this reflection as a starting point to a phase of the PhD who discover how from a relic guarded in the 21st century, we can go back up to thousands of years before Christ to find his own essence.