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All streams of Research may be indexed/cataloged as one of the three widely accepted systems UDC, DDC or LCC. The most innovative and influential feature of classification is its ability to express all branches and interdisciplinary branches. This facility is added to a hierarchic structure, in which knowledge is classified into ten classes, then each class is further subdivided into its logical parts, each subdivision is again subdivided, and so on.

All branches of human knowledge can be classified as [Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC)]:

  • 01 Mathematical Sciences

  • 02 Physical Sciences

  • 03 Chemical Sciences

  • 04 Earth Sciences

  • 05 Environmental Sciences

  • 06 Biological Sciences

  • 07 Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences

  • 08 Information and Computing Sciences

  • 09 Engineering

  • 10 Technology

  • 11 Medical And Health Sciences

  • 12 Built Environment and Design

  • 13 Education

  • 14 Economics

  • 15 Commerce, Management, Tourism and Services

  • 16 Studies in Human Society

  • 17 Psychology and Cognitive Sciences

  • 18 Law and Legal Studies

  • 19 Studies in Creative Arts and Writing

  • 20 Language, Communication and Culture

  • 21 History and Archaeology

  • 22 Philosophy and Religious Studies

To cover all these streams we are publishing Six Major Research Journals as family of Global Journals. Actually there are 37 Research Journals.

Authors are requested to submit research paper in appropriate Journal. The Choice of system among UDC/DDC/LCC depends on author.The manuscript should have a stable codes according to their research area. For all fields of knowledge, a sophisticated indexing and retrieval tool is the proper coding.








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