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    Presently working as Chief Research Scientist with the biotechnology company (marine antipollution, odor reduction from sewage stations, Underwater research, food science research, and production) with the endorsement of BIU University. Marine Sciences Academic Supervisor ( MS, Ph, D,.) Chief science officer (C.S.O.) Researcher
    Dedicated Marine Science Professor with a strong academic and research background in Ocean Sciences and 20,000+ hours of fieldwork and teaching.
    Possesses a distinguished number of academic publications and promotes the use of scientific methods for a better world. Involved in the research and investigation of eco-friendly products and developed innovative marine-friendly product containing herbal extracts. Member of Bircham International University Board of trustees, Europe.

    • Discovered and developed the product from plant extracts as a solution to marine pollution.
    • Applied the new marketing management technology for competitive threat solutions small companies face from larger organizations.
    • The first person in Cyprus that applied methods of salmon smoking and other marine species curing. ( food scientist and technologist)
    • Instructor in Scientific Diving, and Underwater Marine Biology who first applied underwater submersible cage for aquaculture.
    • Co-authored the CMAS Advanced Underwater Archaeology Course.

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