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    Presently I am working as Chief Scientific Advisor with Blue Planet Expedition.

    While in previous work (I was a senior researcher for (marine antipollution, odour reduction from sewage stations, Underwater research, food science research, and production) with the endorsement of BIU University. Marine Sciences Academic Supervisor ( MS, Ph, D,.) Chief science officer (C.S.O.) Researcher
    I am a Dedicated Marine Science Professor with a solid academic and research background in Ocean Sciences and 20,000+ hours of fieldwork and teaching.
    Possesses a distinguished number of academic publications and promotes using scientific methods for a better world. Involved in researching and investigating eco-friendly products and developed innovative marine-friendly products containing herbal extracts. Member of Bircham International University Board of Trustees, Europe.

    • Discovered and developed a product from plant extracts to solve marine pollution.
    • Applied the new marketing management technology for competitive threat solutions small companies face from larger organizations.
    • The first person in Cyprus that applied salmon smoking and other marine species curing methods. ( food scientist and technologist)
    • Instructor in Scientific Diving and Underwater Marine Biology who first applied underwater submersible cages for aquaculture.
    • Co-authored the CMAS Advanced Underwater Archaeology Course.

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