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GJMBR-A Volume 22


ISSN Online 2249-4588
ISSN Print 0975-5853
Print Estd. 2001
mEDRA DOI 10.17406/GJMBR
CrossRef DOI 10.34257/GJMBR
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Recent Articles Published in GJMBR-A

A Study on Machine Learning Prediction Model for Company Bankruptcy Using Features in Time Series Financial Data

Based on such methods as a discriminant analysis and logistic regression, corporate bankruptcy prediction models have been developed as a means to determine the soundness of a company’s operational status based on its financial statements. However, such analytical methods work with binary variables, and thus, as the only outcome of machine learni...

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Dilemmas and Suggestions of Open Source in Intellectual Property: Taking Blockchain as an Example

Open-source software has made a breakthrough in the traditional intellectual property theory from the aspects of Copyright, patent right, and trademark right, and it has created a new property rights form in the form of license. Taking blockchain as an example, this paper analyzes bitcoin and Ethereum and their open-source licensing strategies. At ...

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Proposal to use the Financial Reporting Provisions of the U.S. Securities Laws to Implement Economic Equity and Social Justice Reforms

The two main U.S. securities laws- The Securities Act of 1933 and The Securities and Exchange Act of 1934-- require companies selling (issuing) their securities to the public to disclose information about the securities issuing company so that the public has the information it needs to decide whether to purchase the issuer’s securities and how mu...

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Research on the Cultural Integration of International Students in Universities: A Perspective of Cross-Cultural Management

With the development of globalization, the number of international students in Chinese colleges will continue to grow, and the education of international students has gradually become an important part of the domestic higher education system. Facing the group of international students in China, its complicated cultural backgrounds and individual di...

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Achievement in Training: Recorded Video Compared to Face-to-Face Environments

During the 2020-2021 years, it has been necessary for organizations to rethink how they conduct their daily operations in light of COVID-19 restrictions. One of the many activities within organizations is to provide new and recurrent training to their employees. In a similar vein, universities also had to make adaptations to instructional methods. ...

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Articles under Review

Informational Behaviors and Innovation in SMEs: An Application to The Cameroonian agri-Food Sector.

Nowadays, for companies that want to experience strong growth, information systems have become essential. But it is the informational behaviours of individuals who form these systems that make them effective and efficient within a company. And thus, these behaviors can make companies innovative over a long period. The information system of a com...

Concerns Regarding the Presentation of Idealized Female Beauty in Visual Advertisements

The purpose of this review paper is to identify and discuss societal concerns regarding idealized female beauty depiction in advertisements in popular visual media, such as fashion magazines, television, and Instagram. Since these issues can occur with women of different age, we found it useful to consider the relationship between the exposure to i...

Informational Performance of Audit Reports Content: Case of French Companies Listed on the Stock Exchange during the Decade 2010-2020

The proliferation of financial scandals in recent decades has caused major changes both in the financial sector and in the economy in general, leading to a tightening of the rules for assessing financial equilibrium, assessing health and financial profitability of companies. In this context marked by the exacerbation of a terrible pandemic (covi...

Understanding Organization: Demystifying Concepts and Theories

People working in the organization are the key elements for achieving the goals and objectives of the particular organization and providing outputs to the service recipients in an effective and efficient manner. As such, people at all levels of the organization require profound understanding about organization, its vision, mission, strategies an...

Articles under Press


A Theoretical Review of Models Associated with Marketing and the Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The behaviour construct mainly deals with consumer choice related to a service or product. The last construct, the Intention behaviour related to an intention to purchase a product, also reflects consumers’ preference. Peslak, Ceccucci and Sendall (2012) found that both attitude toward social networking and “subjective norm” is associated wit...

An Empirical Model of Acceptance of Mobile Payment in Malaysia

Mobile payment refers to a payment method by which a consumer pays a bill for goods or services through a mobile terminal. mobile payment users can send payment instructions directly or indirectly to a bank via mobile devices, thereby enabling currency payments and funds transfers. It realizes the integration of terminal equipment, Internet, applic...

A Literature Review on the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Accounting Teachers: Perspective of Government Colleges in Bangladesh

Teachers’ Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a highly discussed issue nowadays all over the world due to its significant role in upholding the professional skills of the faculties. Continuing professional development (CPD) is easy to recognize but relatively difficult to define because due to its formal and informal practices the scope ...

Cultural Erosion through Retail Globalization

The twenty first century has seen the emergence of a global marketplace, where one can travel from country to country, across oceans, and find the same retail establishments. While this may be comforting to travelers and intriguing for locals, there are instances where global retailing has destroyed or eroded the local colour and culture. This p...

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