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lobal Journals is a multilevel research organization with a vast global expanse. We publish the world's leading journals that are available as 3D online Journals, e-Journals, and in print form. The journals have a high research impact with an immense reputation in the research community.


Our platform includes forum and online communities which enable scientists, engineers, managers, doctors, professors and academicians to share their ideas and explorations. The objective is to provide a better understanding within the community of researchers and practitioners from academy and industry alike.

We also organize International Conferences/Seminars/Symposiums.

We also honor researchers by awarding them titles such as "FARSC/MARSC". This helps in global recognition of their efforts and strengthens the backbone of the research world.

what we do


Global Journals™  is an organization which publishes high quality double blind peer reviewed international refereed journals with high international ratings and reputation.

Global Journals Inc. is a premier research paper publisher in all streams, with a global reputation for quality journals and services. Our internationally recognized publishing program covers the full gamut of disciplines from Computer Science to Management and Medical Sciences.

The family of Global Journal™ offers Original, Survey and Review papers from researchers in their field, thus promoting insight and understanding of the state of the research philosophy and trends in knowledge.

The contents can include innovative applications and original researches from all streams of the knowledge. The journals present unpublished materials, selected papers with exceptional review, at the discretion of the Editorial Board. Our internationally recognized research programs cover all disciplines.